24/7 Global Support

Selene Marine’s Global Support Team is based in four different time zones – UK/Spain/India/Panama. This strategic location of our global team has enabled us to cater to all our customers 24/7.

Our team is connected through a global business software which helps in maintaining transparency in all our communication. Being connected with one system, the response time to any enquiry is less than 30 mins which gives us an edge in the current high paced environment.

The Global Support Team works closely with our highly skilled team of technicians/engineers and supports them in everything that is needed for completing the service successfully. We make sure our teams are kept up to date with the latest market developments and international regulations with ongoing training programs. They frequently refresh their knowledge and ensure that we keep offering our top quality services to all our customers globally. For more details please click here.

Remote Support

We provide remote support by connecting to vessel’s system to enhance fault-finding, make necessary configuration of equipment’s settings or merely demonstrate/educate crew how to use the system to resolve the issue at hand. This has helped our customers save huge costs since the services are rendered without setting a foot on board.

Our remote monitoring and maintenance solutions are designed to address the challenges of establishing a secure and reliable remote session to the vessel’s control system via satellite communications. Our highly skilled, certified engineers solve service assignments at minimum cost and time by using Remote Support tools. We can provide you and your customers with full first-line expert support, remote diagnostics and technical advice.

Please contact us service@selenemarine.net to request for remote support/maintenance.