In today’s modern maritime industry, there is a constant drive for controlling maintenance spending while boosting the profitability. To meet this requirement Selene Marine has developed a range of Maintenance Agreements for meeting requirements of all our customers. The purpose of these agreements is to provide an optimal solution to reduce fleet’s daily running costs and ensure that our customers always have fully functional equipment.

Annual Maintenance Agreement

Our Annual Maintenance Agreement covers services needs of customer in the most cost effective, hassle free and timely manner. We plan the annuals for our customers in advance. This means that your crew can outsource your equipment’s annual maintenance to us and can focus on other important matters related to business growth.

Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Our Preventive Maintenance Agreement ensures your vessels are in continual compliance with international regulations. We will take care of the mandatory, periodic surveys & inspections and also share equipment health check/performance reports to ensure the safety and seaworthiness of your vessels. Most importantly we do all this at your convenience and in a cost-effective way.

Service Rate Agreement

Our Service Rate Agreement (SRA) ensures maximum reliability and high availability of equipment at predictable costs. Pre-agreed rates in all Selene Marine base ports releases you from unnecessary workload of managing multiple POs, invoices and other costs that may come in the period of equipment’s performance.

Shore Based Maintenance Agreement

By signing Shore Based Maintenance Agreement (SBM) with Selene Marine, we assure you a priority access to our service coordinators, service engineers and spare part equipment. We provide a 360-day support from providing a cost-effective quote to issuing the required certification & paperwork to get your vessel on board.