Selene Marine’s Fleet Management Solution (FMS) is a Class NK type approved, web-based and highly secure ship management tool. Designed by ship managers, for ship managers, FMS offers the best of technological advancement and real-world experience in a cost-effective and functional platform.​

It’s a fully integrated system that offers a flexible and customisable user interface and back-end. With personalized user accounts, each user only sees the areas and functions that are appropriate for their business tasks. FMS holds the highest level of security for a marine ERP software, so your data is always safe.​

Key Features of FMS

Web Based

  • You can access it anywhere, at any time, on any device
  • You do not need any additional hardware to be installed on board the vessel

Cost Effective

  • Low set up costs and low annual fees
  • Not charged per user, just per vessel
  • Modules can be adjusted to increase cost efficiency

Business Reporting

  • Reports can be generated for a wide variety of tasks within the system
  • Additional reports can be created using Marine BI, an additional business intelligence product

Technically Advanced

  • The system is regularly updated to make sure it offers best-in-class solution​
  • It is built on Microsoft .NET Framework 4 with SQL database
  • Recent updates include ability to track IHM details; highest level of cyber security; user access customisation

Flexible Modules

  • You can turn modules on and off at your request once set up
  • The modules are also all integrated and “speak” to each other automatically
  • You can set up different modules for different vessels/ users

FMS Modules​

Planned Maintenance Service

Plan, execute and assign all regularly scheduled maintenance jobs on board. Set notifications for upcoming tasks and monitor any incomplete jobs. Define Maintenance Schedules, Calibration, Safety alarms and Parameters for each asset. This module is fully integrated with inventory, e-procurement & risk modules. All details of machineries /components can be accessed in a single window.


Track all inventory on board ship - equipment; parts; stores; oil; books and charts; medicines and provisions. Replicate entries across fleet for common stock. Movement of inventory items across category is recorded and tracked. ISSA or IMPA catalogue can be adopted. Inventory updates are dynamically integrated with other modules such as PMS, eProcurement and Equipment Service.

Equipment Service

Some maintenance/repairs cannot be completed by the crew on board therefore, external service engineers need to be arranged to complete the job. Equipment service covers all areas from requisition for service, to management of service tender and job completion. Work order can be issued to repairer via web link with required information. This module is fully integrated with Finance & Accounting module.

E Procurement

Item category wise requisitions can be tracked. RFQ to suppliers can be sent via a web link and mail along with required information. You can set your own criteria for quotation comparison, approval limits, etc. Hierarchical approval for the Quotations, Purchase Orders & Invoice with organization ceiling. Item wise VAT/Tax, lump sum VAT/Tax with discount can be captured. This module is fully integrated with Finance & Accounting.


From recruitment to crew planning, sign on and off, and personnel payroll, appraisals, training, basically everything to do with managing the crew can be accomplished through the crewing module. You can also do an event-based tracking of crew status in form of Crew Diary. All aspects can be customised as per your company’s needs and business processes. This Module is fully integrated with Finance and Accounting module.


You can log and plan your voyage arrival, departure, port, and noon details for every trip. In an area with no internet access – no problem! FMS has a built-in failproof system that will track your data during these periods and upload it to the server once connection is restored. This module also helps to depict Vessel position graphically based on daily noon report.


The QHSE module covers all areas of safety: recording and analysis of incidents and near misses; audits; inspections; meetings and drills. It has the capabilities to include port information and master review of port information. You can create alerts for drills as per SOLAS requirements during crew changes.

Risk Management

Create and assess all risks using our simple and straight forward risk assessment module managed in a single screen. This is purely customisable; we can develop one as per your company’s requirements. Integrated with PMS, Safety & Equipment Service modules - can be extended to Dry Dock module as well.

eForms & DMS

Classification society, IMO and internal company documents can be stored and managed in these modules. Features like multilevel hierarchy approval, tools to analyze data, dashboard alerts for any revisions, option to link company specific manuals, etc. are available in these modules.


Manage all your drydock planning from day one using our Drydock module. You can integrate company processes into FMS to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and nothing gets missed. Send out RFQs to third party suppliers, manage work orders, send invoices, get audit trail, cost update reports, etc - all within the drydock module.


Manage all incoming and outgoing revenue for your business in one safe and secure location. Integrate third party applications that are already in use in your business or use our premade tools to process payments, invoices, track spending and make projections. Option to work on dual financial years with various payment methods such as partial/ full/ bulk/ partial bulk.


Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) is an essential tool for tanker vessel operators in achieving high standards of ship management and safety. User may define the weight age factor for each KPI in the TMSA based on the stage and weight age of respective KPI. TMSA reports - Vessel wise, Fleet wise – Qualitative and Quantitative analysis can be provided on demand.